The Solid Strike Arena

Airsoft Target Range

Whether your trying to up your game on the airsoft field, improve your reaction times with your airsoft weaponry or just challenge your friends to a friendly(ish) shootout we have it all covered here at The Solid Strike Arena in Barnstaple, Devon. We’ve got some of the latest tech in targets with digital scoring to challenge your friends and family with, or alternatively you could take time out to shoot some paper targets to help improve your accuracy.

Now in our second year of operation, The Solid Strike Arena is now at 2 seperate venues and we are looking to expand even further with investment options available.

Our arena is always going through exciting changes, if you haven’t been recently then you are missing some exciting new features, whether you are working as a team or on your own you’ll have push hard to get that top score

And watch this space for the new Attack Sense moving targets, (still in production but we'll have them as soon as they are available)

Shooter ID

Keep track of your performance across repeat visits to AttackSense Active Target Systems. Use the ShooterID app to set up a ShooterID and scan your code to automatically enter your name and callsign.

Each time you use an AttackSense system your profile is recognised and your performance is tracked so you can see how your accuracy reaction time improves. View historic stats on reaction time and hit accuracy as well as enrol into competitions.


Please scan the QR code below (or tap the QR code image) for your shooter ID (Android user)

Please scan the QR code below (or tap the QR code image) for your shooter ID (Apple user)


Game Modes

Reaction Test-

In Reaction Test, you are tasked with shooting red targets to test your reaction times for points. If you shoot a green target then your round is over, so pay attention! Reaction test also starts with a long shooting time allowance that gradually reduces over the length of the round, making targets gradually more difficult to shoot. Using Reaction Test allows you to improve your ability to recognise, take aim and hit targets quickly.

Shooting Gallery-

Multiple targets will activate at any time, with good guys in the mix to keep you alert. This time each target is active is calculated based on customisable “recognise”, “aim” and “shoot” parameters that take into account how many targets need to be shot in each sequence.

Hostage Rescue-

Build more risk and suspense into a round, with more good guys and delays before bad guys appear. Hostage Rescue is similar to Shooting Gallery with different pace that suits an arena setup.

Two Shooter Gallery-

A modern twist on the classic duelling tree game, one player is green and the other is red. At the start of a round all targets are blank until they are shot. Each target when shot lights up randomly either green or red, and shooting a target turns it to the opposite colour. After the round finishes, the player with the most targets in their colour wins.

And many more incredible game modes for you to come and try out!

Latest Uploads

The contest is on, the top times are always under attack from new faces and thats just the way we like it, don’t forget to download the app and keep track of your stats accross all of your visits, it’ll also let you know if you are still in the top spot.

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